6 Stretches for Sciatica

Sciatica refers to back pain caused by a problem with the sciatic nerve. This is a large nerve that runs from the lower back down the back of each leg. Chiropractic is amazing at treating Sciatica

There are 3 main causes of Sciatica:

1. Disc Herniation- If you have a disc herniation from maybe a car accident or maybe you hurt yourself at the gym, your disc could be putting pressure on the nerve. It can cause a lot of inflammation leading to numbness, tingling, constant pain. This is by far the worse case scenario. There are special test designed to help diagnose this condition. Despite what other people may say, it can definitely be treated depending on how large the herniation is. Go see your Doctor of Chiropractic and make sure they have decompression(designed for disc herniations)

2. Misaligned spine- If you injured your back maybe recently or even year ago, your spine could be out of alignment. If the bone is putting pressure on the nerve you will slowly begin to feel pain, them numbness and tingling later on. Bone spurs could develop the longer you wait or ignore the pain, this takes years though. This condition can definitely be treated with seeing your awesome Doctor of Chiropractic, so they can put your spine back into alignment to help take pressure of those nerves.

3. Piriformis Syndrome- This is by far the easiest to treat, due to the fact that its a muscle in your buttocks that gets tight. Usually this can occur from your hips being out of alignment for a long period of time. When this happens you start to favor one side versus the other. The piriformis then becomes tight squeezing the sciatic nerve. These stretches above will help with all 3 of these causes, but it will help with this one the most.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, don't wait go see your Chiro ASAP. When you experience pain that is your body telling you something is not right. Taking medications will not only cause serious effects on your body but also just put a band-aid on it. Surgery will just make things worse long term. We want a LONG TERM solutions, not a SHORT TERM fix.


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Sunday, 16 January 2022

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I went in with years of neck, shoulder and back pain to which I used to take a pain killer most nights just to sleep. I could see a difference by the third week and I haven't taken a pill since I started four weeks ago.
i can honestly tell you that I look forward to my visits especially on Mondays after the busy weekend!
Also the fact that Dr. Chellan and his team are so nice and caring makes the experience that much better.

Anahí R.

I would recommend Dr. Chellan to anybody who’s in serious pain. He is an awesome doctor, he adjustments are awesome he always makes sure you feel better. He also adjusted my daughter (7) and my son (4) and they loved his adjustments. He helped my daughter who had fell at school and was limping he made sure she was aligned and was painless. He is a dedicated doctor that gives his best recommendation to make you feel better.

Jennifer G.

I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Chellan and having him as my chiropractor for almost two
years. Right off the bat I noticed the passion he had for his job, his knowledge and desire to
help. He always put my needs first and would do direct specific adjustments to whatever my
case was. I had water trapped in my ear for about a week at one point and I happened to
mention it to him and with a simple ear adjustment it helped drain it! Not only did he have the
best adjustments he was also very knowledgeable in the wellness lifestyle and gave healthy
lifestyle tips which also helped me out very much! It is with great pleasure that I am able to say I was a patient of Dr.Chellan!

Maggie V.

After years of neck and back pain resulting from an accident, I decided to seek chiropractic care. When I first started chiropractic care, I didn’t know the link between chiropractic and the nervous system. I am glad that I stumbled across the neurological aspect of chiropractic because of the difference it has made in my life. Dr. Chellan was the first doctor that adjusted me in such a way that eased my pain and gave me relief. Dr. Chellan is awesome! He truly cares about getting his patients better. He has helped me with headaches, neck, and back pain and overall energy through chiropractor care and teaching me about the importance of having proper nutrition. I always leave feeling better and knowing what I need to do to keep my overall health where it needs to be.

Vanessa C.

Dr. Chellan is extremely knowledgeable, yet personable, he genuinely cares about every one of his patients. His adjustments are smooth and focused, and helps heal the body as a whole. He has been my chiropractor for 2 years, and every session with him has improved my quality of life!

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